You want to source the best jeweler in Vernon, British Columbia for your big purchase, but how do you know that they are the best? Well, I have put together ten things that will help you to decide. It is essential to have the best jeweler because for one most people only go to a jeweler only a few time in their life.

You want a jeweler who will listen to you. More than likely when you come to see a jeweler, things are pretty stressful. This is because you are either tiring to find the perfect ring or fix a priceless heirloom because it has broken. You want someone who will focus on what matters to you and not just be looking for the biggest sellers.

Is the jeweler established? JC Bradley has been in business for over 30 years and has received the "Gold Nugget" award twice for being the top jeweler in British Columbia. They have also been voted the North Okanogan's "Best Jeweller" for 15 years. So as you can see we are well established. We are locally owned, and family operated.

You also want to look at how much they offer. Can they resize and fix jewelry in-house. Do they have someone who knows gemstone and can help you and explain how a thing like quality and pricing of the gemstone are determined? Some jewelers also offer custom design. All of these and more are provided at JC Bradley Jeweller in Vernon.

You also want a wide selection in jewelry. However, you also want the help of some who know jewelry and how to help you find what you are looking for even if you're not quite sure. At JC Bradley we have over 130 years of combined experience.

What do their customer reviews say about them? Go online and see what customers have said about them and their own experience with the jeweler. Granted don't expect all of them to be good. Because let's face it you can't please everyone all the time. However, you don't want all bad customer reviews at the same time.

Above all you need to trust your jeweler and trust is earned. Other things you might consider checking out before deciding on a jeweler is what their return policies are. Most places have a 30-day return policy. However, Most also come with some condition that also applies to returns. Their prices are that way higher or way lower than the average jewelry store. This could indicate that the products are not what they say they are and are made from cheaper products. A place that has way higher prices might be raising prices to gain more income when their products are not worth that amount. Here at JC Jewellers we have a staff that is more than happy to take the time to teach you about the different gemstones and what they are worth as well as show you and teach you what the clarity and color say about a gem. So come in and see use JC Bradley jeweler or visit us online and let show you why we were voted the best jeweler in Vernon

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