So you meet the girl and mustered up the courage to ask her out. You had your first date and first kiss and worked way through the entire list of first in a relationship. Now you love her and can't see another life that doesn't include her. You have to find that perfect engagement ring.  JC Bradley Jewellers in Vernon is the first and last place you should look before you hit your knee. We're here to help you start in your search for the perfect ring.

First thing first, you must determine a budget range. We all know that it's not the price of the ring that counts but the man that comes with it. However, when you're in search for the perfect ring, for the perfect girl you can easily get caught overspending on an engagement ring if you don't know the details. This is why we say set a budget and check in with us. We know the local market in Vernon and the competition so that the ideal ring can materialize for you in a way that makes sense. We'll tailor your choices and still allow for the perfect setting to hold the perfect diamond while you pop the question.

Choose a style, you know the woman you love but if the mark gets missed, don't dig in on a ring that you weren't 100% on in the first place. Being together is about giving where we can and growing together. The ring process should be no different. What does she wear? Think about the shape, volume, and color of her outfits and any jewelry she may already own. Does she like more of a classic look? Is it more of a nature-inspired look of a chic clean style? Keep all of this in mind when choosing a ring style and let us know. When deciding on ring setting, consider if she is flashy or more conservative? Does she use her hands at work or maybe she's an avid gardener? Is she shy or does she like to walk on the wild side Now and then?

Engagement rings most often have diamonds in them. This could be because diamonds have been classically tied to love and marriage for a long time. In fact as far back as the Romans and Greek mythology, people were gifting diamonds to express true love. This is because they believed that Cupid's arrow tips were made from diamonds. Maybe this is why when we think of engagement rings we also think of diamonds today.


Choosing the shape of the gemstone is what you need to consider next. The round cut is the most common in engagement rings world wide and here in our Vernon basted jewelry shop, we've seen this trend hold true. The round cut can also be the most expensive if you're talking about preserving the most volume and getting that radiant classic diamond refraction. We'll help you navigate this part of the process. Maybe you could save a little money choosing a different shaped stone. You will also have to figure out what metal the ring will be made of. Most people like platinum because it is more durable. However, you will also pay more for it as opposed to the different kinds of softer gold.

You also have the option to go custom or antique in style. Both of these are becoming more and more popular. Of course in all of this, you need to know her ring size which can be tricky. If she has a sister or a very close friend you can sometimes get them involved to help you in getting the ring. There are a couple of other options. The first option is that you can guess at the size. All jewelry stores usually have a 30-day return policy. If you are going to guess keep in mind that the average ring size is a 6 or 6.5. The other option is called a semi-surprise. With a semi-surprise, you pick out the main stone, and it is placed in a temporary ring. Them you can pop the question but will have her help with the final ring.

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