Diamonds are frequently bought in jewelry pieces set next to another gemstone. In Vernon, Diamonds are one of the more popular types of jewelry bought. There are so many things to consider when purchasing diamonds. You want to look at the shape, Cut, carat, and color, sure, but also the person this diamond is being bought for.

Diamonds can come is a myriad of different shapes; round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher, radiant, and heart shaped. Round cut diamonds are the sold in about 75% of diamond rings this cut is the most popular because it is the one that shins the most. Princess diamonds where first seen in 1980. They are mostly seen in engagement rings. It is also the most popular of the fancy cuts. Oval diamonds have a special shape that allows them to appear to be bigger than they are. The marquise diamond also can look bigger than it is. It is a football-shaped diamond that has the greatest amount of surface area. Pear-shaped diamonds this is a mix of round and a marquise. Cushion combines the square cut and diamond cut. Emerald cut diamond this one has a different look to that appeals to some. The Asscher cut diamond was first made in 1902 in Holland. Radiant Cut is a vivid and lively diamond. The hear cut is named for its shape. Jewelers can help you find the right one for just by asking a few questions.

Next, we have the carat of the diamond. This is a unit of measurement by weight. Weight and size of a diamond go hand in hand. A 1 Carat diamond usually has a diameter of 6.50 and a crown of 33.2. A 2-carat diamond would be 8.20 in diameter and crown of 52.8. A 3-carat diamond has a diameter of 9.40 and a crown of 69.4 and so on.

Diamonds can be placed in almost any kind of jewelry. You have diamond necklaces, rings, bracelet, earrings. All diamonds are placed in a way so that there shine shows off in the light. Pricing on diamond jewelry is based on the size and quality. No matter what you are looking for in jewelry for diamond jewelry can go with anything and easily.

Diamonds have been around for a very long time. Along with this time have come some exciting fact and beliefs. The Romans thought that diamond where tears of the gods. Some diamonds are varied to the surface by a volcano from 100 of miles below ground. Diamonds are made of only one element, and that is carbon. Diamonds are the strongest the only thing that can damage a diamond is another diamond. Ancient Hindus would use diamond in some of the there statues. Many of the ancient cultures beloved that diamonds would give strength to those wearing them. This is why kings would wear diamonds in battle.

If you are looking for diamond jewelry come to see us at JC Bradley jeweler or visit us online at to view our diamond collection. Let us help you find that perfect peace that completes your jewelry collection and that is as beautiful as the owner.

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